About me

I work in very soft pastel. I love the purity of pigment that the medium provides, as well as its tactile nature.
A central strand to my practice is the still life. I often use objects which have belonged to people I have known: beautiful, fragile ephemera, much valued by their owners, with a poignant, elegiac quality. Simple glass shapes intrigue me too, as they refract the light and create unexpected magical distortions. A new experiment for me is to start a picture very dark, and then to start slowly creating an imagined shape, to see what emerges into the light.
My landscape works display a similar focus on the play of light, and the ever-changing mood.

Although I excelled at art at school, I studied English at Edinburgh University and worked for twenty years as a librarian and researcher, as well as raising three boys.  Around fifteen years ago, I began attending evening classes, and then started to exhibit with others. After a continuing education course at Glasgow School of Art, I progressed to a full time drawing course at Leith School of Art (2012-13). I work from my garden studio at home in Bridge of Allan, exhibit regularly, and have had work chosen for several annual exhibitions including the RSA and SSA in Edinburgh, the RGI in Glasgow, and the Pastel Society in London.
My work is held in private collections in the UK, and also in Germany, Switzerland and Canada.

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